The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6 “Love Fest” Recap & Review

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6: The episode picks up with Julia revealing that she has sold the beach house, much to the dismay of Conrad and Jeremiah. Skye is also upset, but she tries to convince the group to have one last party to celebrate Susannah.

Meanwhile, Taylor is dealing with her drama. Her boyfriend, Milo, is not happy that she is spending so much time with Steven. Taylor tries to reassure Milo that nothing is going on between her and Steven, but he doesn’t believe her.

Love Fest

Episode 6 of The Summer I Turned Pretty picks up where we left off, with Julia revealing that she has sold the beach house. Conrad is furious at the sudden decision but eventually hands over his keys. Skye, wanting to spend time with their cousins, expresses her discontent with her mother about the sale.

Skye points out that Julia never talked about the good times with their cousins and Susannah, and accuses her of holding onto hate for their father. A flashback takes us to the last Christmas Julia spent with Susannah and their father, referred to as ‘Shitmas’.

Present-day Skye tells Julia that she always took sides and never welcomed the perspective of Conrad and Jeremiah. Julia storms off and doesn’t return to the hotel with her mother.

Meanwhile, Skye apologizes to the group and they decide to host one last empty house party to celebrate Susannah before saying goodbye. Everyone agrees, even Conrad and Jeremiah. Steven suggests therapy for Conrad’s mental health, encouraging him to find Zen.

Taylor shares with Belly about their coach not letting her join the volleyball team, but Belly doesn’t want Taylor to intervene. Later, Belly talks to Jeremiah about their childhood memories in the house and playfully pushes him into the pool. They share a moment but are interrupted by Taylor.

While preparing for the party, Taylor gets a call from her boyfriend Milo, but Steven keeps interrupting the conversation. At the convenience store, Belly and Jeremiah get alcohol for the party, and Belly opens up about her past behavior, apologizing to Conrad for being immature at prom.

Back at the house, Skye and Cameron talk about their family issues, while Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah go shopping for groceries. They discuss their feelings and memories, and Belly admits that kissing Jeremiah was interesting for her.

Later, the girls chat about kissing boys, and Belly mentions her feelings for Conrad to Jeremiah. Jeremiah feels like he’s intruding on something personal, but Belly claims she’s moving on from the past.

During the party, Belly has a moment with Conrad, but later trips and falls into Jeremiah’s arms. Jeremiah flirts with Belly, and Conrad confronts Steven about his behavior with Taylor. Taylor and Steven dance, and he confesses his feelings for her. However, Milo arrives and starts a fight with Steven.

Meanwhile, Belly and Jeremiah discuss their first kisses, but they hear the commotion outside and see Taylor and Steven fighting. Taylor kicks Milo out and shares exciting news from Julia: they can rent the beach house every summer.

However, Conrad believes it won’t be the same, and a fight between him and Jeremiah ensues. Belly, overwhelmed, goes to the beach to drink, and Conrad follows to take her home. They argue about Conrad’s intentions with Jeremiah, and Belly admits she would have fought for him if she knew how he felt.

Back at the beach house, Taylor and Steven finally talk and kiss. Belly returns home, emotionally drained, and breaks down, seeking comfort from her mother, asking for help with the situation. The episode ends with Belly sobbing in her room, sharing her worries about the old house with her mother.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6

The Episode Review

It appears that the show is currently stuck in a repetitive loop, lacking substantial developments as only two episodes are remaining in this season. I wish there were more depth to the plot instead of it feeling like a typical teenage escape with the characters being all over the place until Laurel comes to their rescue.

On the positive side, relationships are forming, like Taylor and Steven’s, as well as Cameron and Skye’s. Hopefully, these relationships will have a satisfying resolution.

Skye stands out as a remarkable character, defending their friends and demonstrating where their priorities lie. Additionally, it was a delightful surprise to see Jenny Han, the writer of the books, making a cameo appearance in the show adapted from her novels.


The party is a success, but it is also bittersweet. The group knows that this is the last time they will be together at the beach house. However, they make the most of it and create some lasting memories.

The episode ends with Belly sobbing in her room, sharing her worries about the old house with her mother. She is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of the beach house.

Overall, the sixth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty is a mixed bag. It is full of drama and emotion, but it also lacks some of the depth and development of previous episodes. However, the relationships between the characters are still strong, and the episode is ultimately satisfying.


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