Stay By My Side Episode 8 Release Date: Will Bu Xia and Jiang Chi Stay Together?

Stay By My Side Episode 8 Release Date: Episode 8 of “Stay By My Side” is set to be released this week. The storyline continues to develop as our two lover boys draw closer to one another. This Boy Love series depicts a deeply touching romantic tale that brings immense joy to its viewers.

The narrative centers around Bu Xia, a young man haunted by a persistent fear of ghosts. Over time, he discovers the ability to hear faint whispers of spirits in his ears. His solace comes in the form of Jiang Chi, his recently acquired roommate. Jiang Chi, possessing a blend of confidence, charm, arrogance, and impressive academic prowess, finds himself falling passionately for Bu Xia.

Concurrently, Bu Xia finds a sense of security in Jiang Chi’s presence, noticing that the ghostly voices fade into silence whenever they are together. The crux of the story lies in the potential outcome if Jiang Chi were to uncover the true reason behind Bu Xia’s attachment. Will Bu Xia summon the courage to reveal his innermost feelings?

As the series progresses, the profound affection and concern displayed by Jiang Chi overwhelm Bu Xia’s heart, stirring feelings of guilt within him. With only three episodes remaining to conclude the drama, the audience is left to wonder how the narrative will unfurl.

Stay By My Side Episode 8

Stay By My Side Episode 7 Recap

The episode starts with Bu Xia waiting in his room for Jiang Chi. He sends a text to Jiang Chi, trying to clear up the misunderstanding and explain that he didn’t mean to use him for the basketball team. He wants Jiang Chi to understand that his intentions were not like that.

Jiang Chi is outside the dorm but chooses to ignore the texts. After some time, he comes back and discovers Bu Xia asleep on the couch. He covers Bu Xia with a blanket. The following day, the ghosts begin to murmur again, causing Bu Xia distress. One ghost questions whether Bu Xia and Jiang Chi broke up, while another suggests they were never really together.

The ghosts also inform him that Jiang Chi spent the night with him, offering comfort through physical touch to keep the voices at bay. Now that Jiang Chi is no longer around, the ghosts are starting to bother Bu Xia again. Soon after, Bu Xia’s sister visits him, bringing some delicious food. However, he declines to eat.

When she inquires about the dark circles under his eyes being caused by the ghostly chatter, he admits that’s the case. She asks him about “Jiang Chi,” referencing the heater, and Bu Xia reveals that Jiang Chi confessed his feelings. His sister is happy, but Bu Xia remains perplexed because both of them are men.

His sister reassures him that his identity doesn’t matter as long as he’s cared for. She advises him to approach Jiang Chi. Without delay, Bu Xia begins placing food with heartfelt notes on Jiang Chi’s bicycle. During their basketball practice, he attempts to converse with Jiang Chi, but his efforts are met with indifference as Jiang Chi walks away.

But Xia’s friends encourage him to pursue Jiang Chi. He hurries to intercept Jiang Chi halfway, questioning whether Jiang Chi would still accept him despite his hidden flaws. Jiang Chi responds with clarity about his feelings, and Bu Xia wordlessly confesses his love with a kiss.

Eventually, their hearts become intertwined. While studying together, Bu Xia faces challenges but perseveres for the sake of his partner, and Jiang Chi gives up a law internship to be with Bu Xia. One evening, while watching a movie alone, Bu Xia wrestles with guilt over concealing the truth from his lover, imagining how Jiang Chi might react upon discovery.

To his surprise, Jiang Chi suddenly appears before him, bearing a gift. He presents Bu Xia with a bowl of noodles to celebrate his birthday, and then playfully blindfolds him, unveiling a surprise.

Stay By My Side Episode 8 Release Date

The episodes of “Stay By My Side” will air on Fridays at 08:00 PM Taiwan time, with each episode running for 22 minutes and 45 seconds. Episode 8 is scheduled to premiere on Friday, August 18th, 2023. This schedule applies to various regions.

Time Zone Time Date
Korean Standard Time (KST) 21:00 Friday, 18 August
Philippines Time (PHT) 20:00 Friday, 18 August
Pacific Time (PST) 05:00 Friday, 18 August
Thailand Standard Time (THA) 19:00 Friday, 18 August
Indian Standard Time (India) 17:30 Friday, 18 August
Eastern Standard Time (EST) 08:00 Friday, 18 August
Japan Standard Time (JST) 21:00 Friday, 18 August

Stay By My Side Episode 8 Preview

But Xia and Jiang Chi find joy in their togetherness. Bu Xia couldn’t have hoped for more, as someone is finally commemorating his birthday. Jiang Chi aspires to someday share a special bond with Bu Xia.

Upon witnessing Jiang Chi’s unwavering affection, Bu Xia becomes consumed by guilt. He seeks validation from his friends, pondering whether he is truly deserving of Jiang Chi’s love. Overwhelmed with frustration, he distances himself from Jiang Chi, asserting that he never demanded constant presence. Consequently, Jiang Chi departs, leaving Bu Xia to contemplate his decisions.

Watch Stay By My Side Episode 8: Streaming Guide

The Taiwanese audience can indulge in the BL drama “Stay By My Side” on the Vldol platform, with new episodes premiering at 8 PM. For global viewers, enjoying the show is equally effortless, as streaming services Rakuten Viki and GagaOOlala will offer the episodes complete with English subtitles.


The eighth episode of “Stay By My Side” is sure to be a heart-wrenching and suspenseful one. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they wait to see whether Bu Xia will finally tell Jiang Chi the truth about his ability to hear ghosts.

The episode will also explore the themes of love, acceptance, and self-discovery. It is a story that will stay with viewers long after they have finished watching it.

I hope you enjoy the eighth episode of “Stay By My Side“!


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