Ryan Siew Net Worth: Cause of Ryan Siew’s Death Remains Unknown

Ryan Siew Net Worth: Ryan Siew, the lead guitarist for the up-and-coming Australian metalcore group Polaris, passed away on June 19, 2023, at the age of 26. His death was announced by the band on their Instagram page.

Siew had been a member of Polaris since 2013 and was known for his technical skill and his ability to write catchy guitar riffs. He was also a talented songwriter and contributed to the band’s lyrics.

Siew’s death is a huge loss to the metalcore community and his fans around the world. He will be remembered as a talented musician and a passionate artist.

Who Was Ryan Siew?

On June 19, 2023, Ryan Siew, the lead guitarist for the up-and-coming Australian metalcore group Polaris, passed away. Fans and musicians from other genres were both greatly upset by Siew’s premature death at the age of 26. Polaris has developed a devoted fan base thanks to its distinct sound and thought-provoking songs that explore issues of depression, grief, and mental health.

On June 27, the band formally broke the devastating news of Siew’s passing on their Instagram page. Fans were surely shocked and inconsolable by the announcement. Siew significantly influenced Polaris’ sound and contributed to the band’s identity with his excellent guitar playing.

The problems that many people endure daily are touched within Polaris’ music, which has found an audience with listeners all across the world. The band has fearlessly addressed delicate issues in its lyrics, offering consolation and understanding to those who can identify with their messages.

Polaris’ music will surely carry on Ryan Siew’s legacy in the music industry after his untimely passing. The exceptional guitarist’s admirers and fans continue to send condolences and pay respect to him, recalling his extraordinary talent and the difference he made while a member of the band.

Ryan Siew Net Worth

Ryan Siew Net Worth

According to several sites, the guitarist is thought to be worth about $1 million in terms of net worth. It is important to note that the guitarist himself has not provided any official confirmation of these statements. Although this number has been reported by several sources, it is necessary to treat such information with care because the person in issue has not made an authoritative announcement.

Media reports that estimate a public figure’s net worth are prevalent. However, in the absence of direct confirmation or disclosure from the subject, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt and should be considered hypothetical. There may be differences between various estimations of net worth because net worth evaluations frequently require complicated calculations based on multiple factors, including assets, income sources, investments, and debt.

The stated amount of $1 million remains unconfirmed until the guitarist addresses his net worth in an official capacity. Knowing someone’s net worth might be difficult because it involves private financial information that might not be widely known. Therefore, it is wise to base your assessment of a person’s wealth on information that has been corroborated and validated.

What Happened to Ryan Siew?

The Australian metalcore band Polaris broke the heartbreaking news that Ryan Siew, their lead guitarist, had passed away suddenly. While specifics regarding the cause of death have not yet been made public, Siew passed away on the morning of Monday, June 19, 2023.

At the young age of 26, Siew had devoted over ten years of his life to the group, leaving a lasting impression on their artistic trajectory. Except for the Dichotomy EP, which was recorded before Siew joined the band, the majority of the band’s recordings include his superb guitar skills.

The last time Polaris performed was on June 18 at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, but Siew wasn’t there. The band announced the postponement of the remaining dates of their European tour two days later, on June 20, citing a “serious personal crisis” within their family. It is now known that Siew tragically passed on the day before this statement.

Polaris and their supporters are surely in a state of intense mourning as a result of the passing of Ryan Siew. The band has received an outpouring of support and sorrow from the music industry and their devoted following as they navigate this challenging period. Siew left a lasting legacy in the metalcore genre and will be remembered and loved for his contributions to Polaris’ music.

Death Cause for Ryan Siew

No one close to Ryan Siew has been informed of the reason for their death, thus it is still unknown. Therefore, it is now unknown what exactly caused his death. Those who knew him well are in a condition of uncertainty and sorrow as a result of this.

The band he was in, Polaris, played at the Graspop Metal Festival in Belgium on June 18 before Siew’s tragic passing. Siew didn’t take part in the performance, though. He was probably unavailable at the moment, so the band took the stage without him.

It’s interesting to note that Polaris uploaded a post on Instagram almost a week before Siew passed away. They apologized to their followers in the post for postponing upcoming gigs due to personal matters. Their fans were ignorant of the fatal circumstances that would transpire because this proclamation made no mention of Siew’s health or well-being.

Shock and grief spread throughout the music industry as word of Siew’s passing spread among Polaris’ fan base.

Reflecting on Siew’s contributions to their music and the influence he had while with Polaris, the band and their fans are currently coming to grips with the tragic passing of Siew. Until more information is provided by people who knew him well, the cause of his death will remain a private affair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ryan Siew Net Worth?

Multiple sources have made assertions regarding the estimated net worth of the guitarist, amounting to approximately $1 million.

When did Ryan Siew, the lead guitarist of Polaris, pass away?

Ryan Siew passed away on the morning of Monday, June 19th, 2023.

Has the cause of Ryan Siew’s death been disclosed?

No, the cause of Ryan Siew’s death has not been revealed to anyone close to him, so the exact cause remains unknown.

Did Polaris make a post on Instagram before Ryan Siew’s death?

Yes, Polaris shared a post on Instagram approximately a week before Ryan Siew’s passing. In the post, they apologized for canceling shows due to personal reasons, without referencing Siew’s health or well-being.

Has the band disclosed the reason for canceling their shows?

Polaris stated personal reasons as the cause for canceling their shows but did not provide specific details or mention Ryan Siew’s situation in their announcement.


Ryan Siew’s death is a tragic loss to the music industry. He was a talented musician and a gifted songwriter who had a bright future ahead of him. His music will continue to inspire fans for years to come.


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