Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5:  In the third season of Reservation Dogs, episode 5, “Bong-Built House,” we get a glimpse into the past of Okern through the eyes of Maximus, who is now going by the name Chebon. The episode follows Chebon as he navigates his senior year of high school, his strained relationship with his cousin Fixico, and his first experience with acid.

Bong-Built House”

In Season 3, Episode 5 of Reservation Dogs, Maximus returns, this time adopting the name Chebon as a young man. This episode delves into Okern’s history through Maximus‘ perspective during his high school years. The cast includes Mabel (Elora’s grandmother), Irene (Cheese’s adoptive grandmother), Brownie (Elora’s uncle), and Bucky (an elder and artist).

The story takes place at the end of Maximus’ junior year. With his parents absent, he decides to spend the summer at the boarding school rather than return home like his friends. Despite an offer from Bucky to stay with him, he declines. He also has the option to stay with his grandmother, but he avoids his cousin Fixico due to their unresolved conflict.

Maximus’ friends ask him to obtain acid for a party from Fixico, who is studying medicine. However, Maximus struggles to communicate with his cousin. The assumption is that their disagreement revolves around Mabel, who left Fixico to date Maximus, but Maximus denies this.

Later, Maximus confides in Mabel about the hurtful things Fixico said that cannot be taken back. He acknowledges Fixico’s advantages, such as having parents, which he lacks. However, Fixico never recognizes Maximus’ disadvantages.

During an end-of-year party, Maximus and friends discuss their future aspirations. When Maximus shares his dream of becoming a filmmaker, Brownie and Irene mock him. He confronts them for belittling people with dreams larger than their own.

Subsequently, Maximus tries acid for the first time. After the party, he confronts Fixico with anger and labels him a “poison man” rather than a medicine man. As they leave, Maximus halts the car upon seeing a UFO and a Star Person, claiming to be a relative wanting to meet him.

Upon noticing the stop, the others exit the car and question Maximus. He describes what he saw, but Bucky, Irene, and Brownie dismiss it as drug-induced imagination. Mabel attempts to comfort Maximus, who pushes her away.

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode Reflection

Hopes arise for the resolution between Maximus and Fixico. This episode poignantly explains the origins of Maximus’ inclination toward isolation. His journey is melancholic, yet sympathy is inevitable. The significance of belief and community support is evident. Maximus lacked belief, and support wasn’t exactly as he anticipated.

While three consecutive episodes have been compelling, they didn’t center on the core narrative of the Rez Dogs (two focused on past characters, and the previous one was quieter). Anticipation builds to return to the central conflicts of the Rez Dogs, framed by this episode.

As the teens move forward, they face choices between supporting each other and tearing down due to differences.


The episode ends with Chebon seeing a UFO and a Star Person, who he believes is a relative wanting to meet him. His friends dismiss this as drug-induced imagination, but Chebon is convinced that he saw something real. This episode poignantly explains the origins of Chebon’s inclination toward isolation, and it raises questions about the nature of reality and the power of belief.


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