Requiem for the Queen Chapter 14 Release Date: Spoilers & Where To Read?

Chapter 14 of “Requiem for the Queen” is scheduled for release next week. This thrilling fantasy and romance shoujo manga, written and illustrated by Deokgu and Yuna, centers around Millia, the crown princess plagued by enigmatic queen nightmares each night.

The story takes an unexpected twist as Millia finds herself in the body of a former queen. A resounding cry through time, urging her to “Take care of the kingdom,” throws her into an unforeseen predicament. In spite of her embarrassment, the intelligent Duke Ferdinand approaches Millia and reveals her true identity, seizing an opportunity born from crisis.

Ferdinand extends a proposition, asking, “Will you cooperate with me?” He suggests an agreement founded on Millia’s concealed truth. Boldly, she counters with her own audacious proposal: to be acknowledged not merely as an anonymous monarch, but as an exceptional queen. Millia and Ferdinand solidify their connection by maintaining their focus on secrecy.

Though bound to one persona, the queen assumes the name Queen Gloria, driven solely by the realm’s prosperity. Together, they compose a harmonious symphony of two souls devoted to Queen Gloria’s vision of a better world—a fervent duet, an eloquent homage to the king, and much more. Stay tuned for the release of Chapter 14 of “Requiem for the Queen” to discover when and where you can read it.

Chapter 13 Recap of “Requiem for the Queen”

In Chapter 13 of “Requiem for the Queen,” Millaria grapples with unsettling dreams related to the king’s history. She ponders the significance of these dreams and their implications.

To unravel the mystery, she delves into the queen’s diary, where she stumbles upon unsettling details about the hidden romance between the queen and Roderick, a rebel leader.

Their love story takes a tragic turn when their plot to overthrow the oppressive king is exposed. Roderick is imprisoned and executed, while the queen is forced into marriage with the very king she sought to depose. Secretly, she works to undermine him while maintaining a façade of loyalty.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand approaches Millaria, sensing something amiss in her demeanor. He tries to engage her, but she rebuffs his advances. This rejection leads Ferdinand to accuse her of being heartless and self-centered. A hurtful exchange ensues, during which Millaria seems indifferent to Ferdinand’s feelings.

Ferdinand then drops a bombshell: he claims knowledge of Millaria’s deepest secret—the princess who has replaced the true queen. This revelation shocks and frightens Millaria. The princess challenges Ferdinand’s motives and the intended use of this sensitive information.

Ferdinand acknowledges his fascination with Millaria’s unique behavior and appearance. He promises to keep her secret in exchange for a sinister favor. He presents an unsettling proposal, pledging to protect her and aid her ambitions. He, however, expects affection and admiration in return.

Millaria vehemently rejects Ferdinand’s offer, deeming him obnoxious and egocentric. She remains steadfast in her commitment to follow Queen Gloria’s directives, regardless of the personal cost. Ferdinand remains unfazed by her determination, viewing it as naive.

Ferdinand asserts that Queen Gloria’s virtuous image is a façade. He alleges she betrayed Roderick and may have had a hand in her husband’s demise. Roderick’s pre-execution letter to the queen supposedly contains evidence supporting these claims, leaving Millaria stunned and bewildered.

Ferdinand links the release of the letter to Millaria’s acceptance of his terms. Unwilling to comply, Millaria is denied access to the letter. He gives her time to consider his proposition, threatening to expose her secret if she rushes her decision. The chapter concludes with Millaria grappling internally.

Roderick’s unsettling letters persist, leaving Millaria trapped and powerless. She faces uncertainty about whether to trust Ferdinand’s words or suspect deceit. The revelations unveiled in this chapter ensnare Millaria in a labyrinth of falsehoods, jeopardizing her loyalty to Queen Gloria.

Requiem for the Queen Chapter 14 Release Date

Requiem for the Queen Chapter 14 will be released on 27 August 2023. Let’s see the timings of Requiem for the Queen Chapter 14 for various regions:

Time Zone Time Date
Japanese Standard Time 22:00 28 August 2023
Indian Standard Time 18:30 28 August 2023
Central European Time 15:00 28 August 2023
New York 09:00 28 August 2023
Australian Capital Territory 23:00 28 August 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time 20:00 28 August 2023
Singapore Standard Time 21:00 28 August 2023
Pacific Time 06:00 28 August 2023
Eastern European Time 15:00 28 August 2023
Philippines Standard Time 21:00 28 August 2023
Korean Standard Time 22:00 28 August 2023

Where to Find Requiem for the Queen Chapter 14

Readers have the option to access Chapter 14 of Requiem for the Queen in its raw format on KakaoPage and Daum.


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