Oldest Active NBA Player: Who is the Oldest NBA Player?

Oldest Active NBA Player: On July 6, 1946, the National Basketball Association was established. Over 4,500 NBA players have played in a game in the 76 years since.

Nat Hickey, who set the record for the oldest NBA player ever in 1948, has never been surpassed as an athlete. Hickey had been alive for 453 days. He was the team’s coach, but the fascinating part of the tale is that he decided to become involved by signing up for the game.

It seems doubtful that Hickey’s record will be beaten after he’s held it for 74 years and counting. After all, it won’t be long before the last coach dons a uniform for their team. Who is now the oldest player in the NBA?

The oldest NBA players are always changing, even from month to month and season to season. These NBA players, listed in reverse chronological order, are the oldest as of 2023.

1. Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem is the Oldest Current NBA Player

  • Udonis Haslem date of birth – 6/9/1980
  • Udonis Haslem age – 42 years old

Udonis Haslem is the oldest NBA player in the league, significantly older than any of his contemporaries. The glorified player/coach is not even comparable to other NBA players’ ages at this point in his career. The next player on this list is almost a full four years older than Haslem.

Haslem has played just 347 minutes over the last six seasons, thus he hardly ever plays anymore. The Miami Heat will let him do whatever he wants as a cherished member of their culture, though we’re not sure why he won’t just quit playing and become a coach at this point. He has earned it after playing for the team for the entirety of his 20-year NBA career.

In 2022–2023, he will be riding the bench once more while terrorizing the younger members of both his squad and his opponents. Haslem is an essential part of Heat culture, but he finally seems prepared to retire after the 2023 season, capping an illustrious career.

2. Golden State’s Andre Iguodala is League’s Second-Oldest

  • Andre Iguodala date of birth – 1/28/1984
  • Andre Iguodala age – 39 years old

This may be difficult for some of us because many of us still have memories of Andre Iguodala’s first season with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2004, when he played with Allen Iverson, the original A.I. Iggy, at 39 years old, is the second-oldest active NBA player, leaving nostalgia aside.

3. How old is LeBron James? (Old Enough to Be On This List)

  • LeBron James’ date of birth – 12/30/1984
  • LeBron James age – 38 years old

LeBron James is the third-oldest active NBA player despite not being the league’s oldest player. Even though King James, an 18-time NBA All-Star, is no longer as dominant as he once was, he still scores more than 30 points per game in his 20th season. Many think that LBJ wants to continue playing till his son Bronny James makes it to the NBA. At this point, it doesn’t seem like a silly concept.

4. At age 38, P.J. Tucker’s Long-Traveled Career Continues

  • P.J. Tucker’s date of birth – 5/5/1985
  • P.J. Tucker age – 38 years old

P.J. Tucker, who is entering his 12th season, has a remarkable story to tell about what it’s like to be unable to play professional basketball. Tucker spent the next five years playing in Israel, Ukraine, Germany, and Italy after being taken as the fifth choice in the second round of the 2006 NBA Draft. He then found his way back onto an NBA team, where he has been ever since. Tucker is currently a member of the Philadelphia 76ers after winning the NBA Championship in 2021 while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

5. Chris Paul Still Elite, Despite Status Among Oldest NBA Players

  • Chris Paul’s date of birth – 5/6/1985
  • Chris Paul age – 38 years old

They claim that as you age, you become wiser. Chris Paul is making every effort to support his theories. CP3 led the NBA in assists per game in the 2021–22 season, despite his senior age. Paul is one of the NBA’s veteran players and still one of the game’s top distributors, but he will now be a part of the Golden State Warriors championship campaign.

6. Taj Gibson Stands The Test of Time

  • Taj Gibson’s date of birth – 6/24/1985
  • Taj Gibson age – 38 years old

Taj Gibson appeared to be playing not too long ago with the USC Trojans or perhaps with Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, and the Miami Heat. Gibson is a well-known fierce defender, thus nothing stands in his way. Not even when he misplaced his sneaker. Gibson was able to play defense despite having his shoe in his other hand, even attempting to grab a block. Gibson’s kind of effort is a prime illustration of why he is still on an NBA team at the age of 37. Tom Thibodeau’s control over the New York Knicks was broken, and Gibson ended up with the Washington Wizards.

7. Kyle Lowry Among NBA’s Eldest

  • Kyle Lowry’s date of birth – 3/25/1986
  • Kyle Lowry age – 37 years old

Lowry, a six-time All-Star who has represented four different teams, is one of the oldest NBA players still in competition. But unlike many other people on this list, Lowry, who won the NBA Finals in 2019 with Toronto, is no longer searching for a championship ring. Lowry is still a mainstay in the Miami Heat’s starting lineup despite playing in his 17th NBA season.

8. George Hill Still Seeking First NBA Championship at Age 37

  • George Hill’s date of birth – 5/4/1986
  • George Hill age – 37 years old

Hill is still looking for his first NBA Championship ring in his 15th NBA season. He has played on playoff teams for 13 seasons, including the first year of his career with the San Antonio Spurs, a team with the best win percentage in NBA history. So it’s not for want of trying. Hill, who is currently in his second season with Milwaukee, may get the chance to add to his collection of trophies this year.

9. Goran Dragic Suiting Up for 15th NBA Season

  • Goran Dragic date of birth – 5/6/1986
  • Goran Dragic age – 37 years old

In the middle of his 15th NBA season is Dragic, one of the game’s senior players. He seemed to have accomplished everything at the highest level after being selected for an All-Star team, winning the 2013–14 NBA Most Improved Player award, and being named to an All-NBA team. Nevertheless, he has yet to win an NBA Championship. We’ll see if he plays in 2023 with the Chicago Bulls before returning for another campaign.

10. Garrett Temple’s Return Earns Him Spot Among Oldest Players in NBA

  • Garrett Temple’s date of birth – 5/8/1986
  • Garrett Temple age – 37 years old

Garrett Temple is probably just delighted to still be able to play the game he loves. Some players may not be thrilled to be on a list of the oldest active NBA players. The versatile guard is finishing his career with the New Orleans Pelicans after playing for 11 different NBA clubs and even traveling abroad to play for a while in Italy.


As the NBA continues to evolve, its elder statesmen prove that age is no barrier to greatness. From Udonis Haslem, the revered player/coach with the Miami Heat, to the wily Chris Paul, who defies time with his wizardry on the court, these veterans showcase the enduring spirit of basketball.

As we celebrate their illustrious careers, we look forward to witnessing the lasting legacy they leave behind in the realm of professional basketball.

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