My Dad the Bounty Hunter Season 2: Episode 9 Recap & Review

In this gripping article, a tale of intrigue and power unfolds as Pam, a commanding figure, takes control of an army to secure her dominion over the quarry. A showdown between technological prowess and courage ensues, leading to unexpected twists and alliances, propelling the story to its breathtaking climax.

How Does Pam Gain Control of the Quarry?

From the shadows, B’Caala observes as the EHC drillers commence their work at the mines. Suddenly, a massive explosion erupts as Sean successfully closes the Warp Gates, cutting the passing Vessel in half. This infuriates Pam, prompting her to take direct command of the swarm.

With a simple button press, she seizes control over every troop present. The empress receives notifications about the developments at the Quarry.

Adja and Lisa valiantly battle against the ceaseless wave of bots, systematically taking them down. Adja uses the communication system to inform Tess about the situation at the Quarries. Tess decides to intervene and heads back to handle the matter. Just then, a fellow Doloraami arrives with a jetpack, and Tess seizes the opportunity to take flight using it.

However, as Adja and Lisa continue fighting, they eventually become overwhelmed and defenseless as the bots close in. In a split second, Glorlox swoops in and eliminates them with a barrage of bullets. Glorlox and his team navigate the skies, targeting any EHC units they encounter.

How Does Sean Discover Pam’s Control Over the Swarm?

Seated within Glorlox’s ship, Sean ponders why Beta has betrayed him. Blobby explains that there’s a manual override for any AI, helping Sean realize that Pam is now manually controlling the units. Sean promptly informs Tess of this revelation, and she decides it’s worth a shot to locate and confront Pam.

Meanwhile, Terry and the Emperor fight alongside each other, battling the bots together. Even the bug from the first trial joins in, showcasing its dance skills while taking down the bots.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter Season 2

How Does Tess Locate Pam?

Equipped with the jetpack, Tess systematically searches each EHC vessel. Adja, Lisa, and a group of guards storm the quarries to halt the drilling. Fortunately, they manage to shut down the drilling operation, but Lisa gets attacked by a bot.

Pam receives an alert about the situation at the quarries. Lisa engages in a fierce battle with one of the bots and emerges victorious. However, this victory is short-lived, as Pam deploys another wave of bots.

Despite her efforts, Tess struggles to locate Pam within the EHC vessels. Just when hope seems to fade, B’Caala contacts her with precise coordinates. He also advises her to be cautious, as the ship is cloaked from view.

How Does Tess Disable the EHC Bot Squad?

Tess finds the ship but is spotted by a group of EHC guards. B’Caala and a few Vunaari allies engage the guards in combat, allowing Tess to slip inside unnoticed. Upon entering, Tess witnesses Pam operating the bots. Just as Pam is about to target Lisa, Tess intervenes by slamming Pam onto the control screen, disrupting her control over the bots.

A fierce confrontation ensues between Tess and Pam. Tess successfully wrests control of the invading bots away from Pam. Tess seizes the chip from Pam’s head, the source of her bot control, rendering Pam unconscious. With Pam incapacitated, their ship plummets and crashes in the canyons.

Back at the quarries, Adja and the guards set explosives to destroy the mining equipment, securing the city from the bot threat. Lisa tries to contact Tess but receives no response, prompting them to realize that something is amiss.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter Season 2

Why Does Tess Venture into the Swamps?

Following the crash landing of her spaceship, Tess struggles out of the hatch and spots footprints leading into a marshland. Curiosity drives her to follow the footprints, leading her to a discarded skin that belonged to Pam. In the shadows, she senses a presence.

A mysterious voice resonates, recounting an old Doloraami folk tale about a crocodile that devoured a young girl. Meanwhile, Lisa learns from Terry about Tess’s disappearance.

Who Is Behind the Voice in the Swamp?

Suddenly, a colossal reptile emerges from the water and attacks Tess, gripping her in its powerful jaws. Through sheer determination, Tess manages to break free, though she sustains injuries. She taps into her latent Kalatite powers to dispel the mist and gain better visibility in the swamp.

The reptile strikes again, but Tess deftly evades its attack, grazing its belly with her spear. The creature attempts to capture her with its tail, succeeding in snatching her weapon and snapping it. As the reptile aims to consume Tess, an adrenaline surge empowers her to unleash a massive pulse from her necklace, freeing herself. Harnessing this power, she slices through the reptile, defeating it.

Badly wounded, Tess crawls out of the swamp and is eventually discovered by Sean and Lisa, who are searching near the crash site.

How Does Season 2 of My Dad The Bounty Hunter Conclude?

Fast-forwarding a month, Tess and Terry collaborate to cook a meal in their home. They prepare for the arrival of Tess’s parents, who are visiting for the first time. Despite her family’s insistence that she take it easy due to her injuries, Tess engages in a brief conversation with Adja. Adja advises her to keep her expectations low and enjoy the visit.

The Emperor and Empress finally arrive, warmly greeted by Grandma. They bring gifts and food to celebrate and bond with their earthly family. The empress praises their house, describing it as having an “earthy” quality.

Meanwhile, Sean shares his completed story with Blobby, who offers appreciation and encourages Sean to turn it into a movie script.

The day concludes with a spirited game of rugby, enjoyed by friends and family. As the camera pans, the Warp Gates frame comes together, allowing a massive ship to pass through.

The Episode Review

In this episode, the two-episode-long battle between the Conglomerate and the Doloraami concludes with an astonishing action sequence. This sequence is enriched with clever maneuvers executed by Sean and Blobby. Tess manages to break free from the emotional barriers she has built around herself over the past years and emerges as a courageous warrior.

The resolution of the conflict on Doloram hinges on a single duel between Tess and Pam. This duel ultimately determines the fate of the EHC. The narrative takes a surprising turn when we discover that Pam’s exterior is merely a disguise for an entire reptile concealed beneath it. But let’s not overlook the element of “fiction” inherent in sci-fi storytelling!

Tess’s reunion with her parents reaches its culmination when they pay her a visit at her Earthly home. The season draws to a beautiful and uplifting close, as everyone sets aside their disagreements and comes together to celebrate their strong bond.


Amidst battles and revelations, Season 2 of “My Dad The Bounty Hunter” reaches a triumphant conclusion. The clash of forces and the resilience of the characters paint a vivid picture of determination and unity. As a month passes, wounds heal, bonds strengthen, and a new chapter dawns, leaving us eager for more of this captivating narrative.


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