Mask Girl K-drama Episode 4 Recap: A Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse

In the fourth episode of Mask Girl, the story follows the journey of Kim Chun-ae, a woman who has been through a lot in her life.

She has been bullied for her appearance, taken advantage of by her boyfriend, and even forced into prostitution. But through it all, she has always had one constant: her friendship with Kim Mo-mi.

Kim Chun-ae

In the fourth episode of Mask Girl, the story kicks off with Chun-ae recounting her life journey and her encounter with Kim Mo-mi, also known as Mask Girl. She begins by delving into her childhood experiences and how her appearance made her an outsider in school. After switching schools, she crosses paths with a classmate named Bu-yong.

Chun-ae harbors an unrequited crush on Bu-yong but never manages to confess her feelings due to his unapproachable aura. Bu-yong is on the path to becoming a K-pop idol, and after graduation, Chun-ae lands a job as a cashier at a convenience store, where she unexpectedly meets Bu-yong once again.

Initially, Bu-yong starts taking small favors from her, like procuring alcohol and cigarettes illegally from the store and eventually progresses to borrowing money. Over time, Chun-ae lends him money repeatedly, until Bu-yong disappears from her life upon debuting as an idol.

One day, Chun-ae tries to reconnect with Bu-yong, only to be ignored. She overhears him speaking to friends, revealing that he considered her his ATM, exploiting her generosity. Bu-yong boasts about manipulating desperate girls into spending money on him.

Distraught by this revelation, Chun-ae decides to expose Bu-yong to the media. She publishes an article, revealing Bu-yong’s alias, Philip, and his involvement in illegal activities like underage drinking and extortion, providing photographic evidence. This leads to Bu-yong losing his job, while Chun-ae opts for a life change through plastic surgery.

Fate brings Chun-ae face-to-face with Bu-yong again, and he’s taken aback by her transformed appearance. She lets him into her life, and they start dating. However, when she encourages him to find work, he admits his lack of motivation after the public scandal.

Bu-yong’s failure weighs heavily on Chun-ae, compelling her to work at a club to support both herself and Bu-yong. Despite her success on stage, their home life deteriorates, with Bu-yong neglecting responsibilities and turning their living space into a mess.

Into this tumultuous dynamic enters Mo-mi, who starts working at the same club. Conflict arises immediately between the two women. Mo-mi, performing under the stage name A-reum, seems to steal Chun-ae’s spotlight and clientele shortly after her arrival.

In an attempt to substantiate her claims, Chun-ae highlights Mo-mi’s natural physical attributes as compared to her silicone implants. She appeals to Kyung-ja, an older woman, seeking her help in dealing with Mo-mi.

Manipulating Kyung-ja’s perception, Chun-ae convinces her that Mo-mi is her common enemy. Kyung-ja grants Chun-ae permission to pursue Mo-mi. Following her instincts, Chun-ae arrives at Mo-mi’s doorstep, divulging information about Kyung-ja.

Contrary to what Chun-ae had portrayed to Kyung-ja, Mo-mi, and Chun-ae were once the closest of friends. They shared a bond forged through shared experiences as social outcasts, remaining inseparable until now.

Mo-mi confesses to Chun-ae that she had killed Oh-nam, revealing this truth during a moment when Mo-mi fell ill and Chun-ae tried to take her to the hospital. Chun-ae is understanding and supportive of her friend’s actions.

In the present timeline, Mo-mi and Chun-ae collaborate to extricate themselves from their complex situation. Meanwhile, Teddy, in pursuit of Mask Girl, photographs Chun-ae leaving Mo-mi’s apartment complex. This sparks a chain of events leading to a confrontation between Chun-ae, Bu-yong, Mo-mi, and Teddy.

As tensions escalate, Chun-ae attempts to flee from Bu-yong’s grasp but inadvertently awakens him. In a violent altercation, Bu-yong reveals his belief that Chun-ae had exposed him in the controversial article. He forces her into an escort role.

Mask Girl K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Teddy trails Chun-ae and becomes suspicious that she could be Mask Girl. She retaliates by threatening to involve the authorities and confides in Mo-mi, outlining Bu-yong’s abusive behavior.

Mo-mi encourages Chun-ae to escape with her, and they plan a getaway. As Chun-ae attempts to leave while Bu-yong sleeps, she inadvertently triggers a squeaky toy, alerting Bu-yong. He brutally attacks her but is thwarted by Mo-mi, who intervenes in time.

Mo-mi’s intervention leads to a violent confrontation with Bu-yong. Amid the struggle, Chun-ae regains consciousness, and the two women team up to overpower Bu-yong. Ultimately, they strangle him to death.

In an unexpected twist, Teddy forwards photos of Mo-mi and Chun-ae to Kyung-ja, unsure of which one is the real Mask Girl. Kyung-ja begins to piece together the truth, launching a pursuit of Chun-ae.

Kyung-ja trails the two women and attempts to kill them with a gun. The confrontation intensifies, and as both women attempt to disarm Kyung-ja, a shot is fired, hitting Chun-ae. Mo-mi retaliates against Kyung-ja, ultimately overpowering her.

Chun-ae briefly regains consciousness, managing to incapacitate Kyung-ja before succumbing to her injuries. In Mo-mi’s arms, Chun-ae breathes her last breath. Mo-mi disposes of Kyung-ja’s car with her body in a lake, while Bu-yong’s remains are placed in a suitcase in Mo-mi’s car.

Taking responsibility for the actions of Mask Girl, Mo-mi surrenders herself to the authorities. The episode concludes with the flashing cameras capturing Mo-mi’s entrance into prison.

Episode Review

The episode’s initial portion seems somewhat extraneous, yet it showcases Lee Jun-young, also known as U-KISS’ Jun, who appears to be Netflix’s favored cameo figure. His presence has been felt in previous shows like Love and Leashes and D.P. Season 2, with Mask Girl marking his latest cameo appearance.

The latter half of the episode is profoundly poignant, highlighting the strength of female friendships instead of perpetuating the common narrative of women undermining one another. This portrayal stands in contrast to media tropes that have been overused in recent years.

The bond between Mo-mi and Chun-ae is profound and selfless, as exemplified by one sacrificing her life for the other. Mo-mi’s decision to surrender herself to the authorities instead of fleeing speaks volumes about their unbreakable connection.


The episode ends with Mo-mi surrendering herself to the authorities, taking responsibility for the actions of Mask Girl. She does this to protect Chun-ae, who is the real Mask Girl. The episode is a powerful reminder of the strength of female friendship and the lengths that friends will go to protect each other.


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