Kevin Maxen NFL: Jaguars of Jacksonville First Male Professional Sports Coach to Come Out in the Us is Kevin Maxen

Kevin Maxen NFL: NFL football player Kevin Maxen of the Jacksonville Jaguars poses for a picture in June 2021. Maxen is the first male coach in a significant American-based sports organization. He is an associate strength coach with the Jaguars.

Kevin Maxen, an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars, made history by openly coming out as homosexual in an exclusive interview with He is the first male coach in professional sports in the United States to do so.

According to Maxen in the interview with Outsports, “I don’t want to feel like I have to think about it anymore.” “I don’t want to feel as though I have to hide who I am seeing or the reason I am sharing a home with someone else. I want to speak out in favor of people leading the lives they choose to lead, but I also want to live my life without worrying about what other people will think.

Maxen, who has worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars since the 2021 season, was formerly an intern at Iowa and Army and a strength coach at Baylor and Vanderbilt, according to ESPN.

Maxen was praised by Jaguars owner Shad Khan in a statement to ESPN on Thursday, who called him “a key member of our football team and community.”

In his statement, Khan added that Kevin was a vital part of both the Jacksonville Jaguars football team and community. “I’m excited to see Kevin next week at training camp, and I hope that he reports to work each day throughout camp and the season with a sense of assurance, liberation, and calm. I am aware that our team members share this sentiment.

Maxen revealed to that he has been with his boyfriend Nick for about two and a half years. He came out because he wants to live his life freely and fearlessly and hopes that by doing so, he will inspire others to do the same.

“I didn’t realize I have the right and responsibility to love and be loved until recently, and with the immense love and support of my family, friends, colleagues, and peers, as well as the courage and sacrifice from my partner,” Maxen told “Hopefully sharing this will give someone else the strength to accept their own life and take control of their own story.”

While other Jaguars employees would tell tales of their families or introduce them to teammates at team events, Maxen claimed that he first felt the need to keep his personal life and partner private.

“You have other coaches who have significant others, and they’re talking about their significant others,” Maxen observed. And I felt bad that I couldn’t do it the same way and that I was disappointing myself. I believed that for a long, my intense rage and hatred toward myself were caused by a worry about what other people might think of me. But it wasn’t the case. Because I forced myself into a life where I was living by other people’s rules rather than by my own, I felt resentment and contempt toward myself. And I had every right to be furious with myself for having thought I had to live up to anyone else’s expectations of me.

Maxen has received a tremendous amount of support from the Jaguars organization ever since coming out.

Marcus Pollard, the Jaguars director of player development, said, “It is an honor to work alongside Kevin who is industrious, devoted, and thriving as a strength and conditioning coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kevin was a significant contributor to my preparation every Sunday during my final season in the NFL, according to Brandon Linder, a center for the Jaguars for eight seasons who worked with Maxen. He comprehends the true meaning of existence. That’s why I was drawn to him. When I was one of the first persons Kevin confided in about his sexuality, it was genuinely an honor and very humbling. Not knowing how I would respond must have been incredibly difficult. I recall how happy I was to hear him say that on the day he informed me.

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