K-drama My Lovely Liar, Episode 3 Recap and Review

In the third episode of “My Lovely Liar,” Do-ha and Sol-hee continue to grow closer despite their different backgrounds and secrets. Do-ha is still struggling to come to terms with his past, while Sol-hee is trying to rebuild her trust in others. However, they find comfort in each other’s company, and their relationship begins to blossom.

The Next-Door Neighbor

Episode 3 of “My Lovely Liar” begins with Do-ha confronting Sol-hee about her actions. He puts his mask back on while Sol-hee tries to explain, but he walks away without listening. He checks into a nearby hotel, puzzled about Sol-hee’s reasons for removing his mask.

Concerned, Deuk-chan visits him at the hotel and, after hearing Do-ha’s perspective, thinks he’s overreacting. Deuk-chan believes Sol-hee was trying to help Do-ha when he was unconscious outside the building. He reminds Do-ha that Sol-hee has come to his aid before. However, Do-ha is more worried about Sol-hee recalling the bus incident at Hakcheon. Deuk-chan advises him to relax, considering there’s only one blurry internet photo of him.

Sol-hee talks to her pet turtle and regrets invading Do-ha’s privacy, realizing he’s the enigmatic songwriter working with Syaon.

The next day, she hopes to run into Do-ha but is disappointed when she doesn’t see him. She heads to the tarot cafe, where Chi-hoon apologizes again. He’s curious about Do-ha and is pleased when Sol-hee says he seems honest. Cassandra doubts Do-ha’s character and implies he might have answered her questions luckily. Sol-hee asks Chi-hoon if he knows why Do-ha never removes his mask, but Chi-hoon is also clueless.

Meanwhile, Do-ha orders room service at the hotel while trying to unwind. Simultaneously, Sol-hee goes out for lunch and encounters men attempting to flirt with her. One man assumes she’s taken due to a past relationship, but she clarifies that she’s single since her last partner left her.

The scene shifts to Lee Gang-min, who was involved in arresting Eom-ho. He’s being transferred to Seoul station which piques the interest of Seoul officers due to the Hackcheon case. However, Gang-min clarifies he wasn’t involved in the case and only worked temporarily in Hakcheon.

K-drama My Lovely Liar, Episode 3 Recap and Review

Later that night, Sol-hee becomes worried as Do-ha doesn’t return home. Meanwhile, Do-ha is still at the hotel, searching for updates on the Hakcheon case online. Despite trying to sleep, his insomnia returns.

The following morning, he visits a pharmacy to buy sleep aids. Upon returning to the hotel, he’s surprised to see journalists waiting for another celebrity. Fortunately, they don’t recognize him, but he’s unwilling to take chances. He quickly leaves in a taxi and arrives back at the apartment. Sol-hee witnesses his return and is amazed by his attempt to hide.

She apologizes for the mask incident and reveals she knew he was absent because of the untouched soda package outside his door. He asks how she knew, and she mentions the package as the reason. He asks what she thought when she saw his face, but she doesn’t recall saving him on a bus years ago. She just comments on his handsomeness but clarifies he’s not her type.

As they talk, a man approaches, claiming he needs to make an urgent call after losing his phone. Sol-hee senses his sincerity and offers her phone. Despite Do-ha’s warning, she trusts the man.

He makes the call, returns the phone, and requests money for a taxi, promising repayment. Sol-hee lacks cash but asks Do-ha for help. The man leaves with the money, making Do-ha wonder why Sol-hee is so trusting. She responds that she doesn’t trust anyone, leaving Do-ha to contemplate her nature.

In the meantime, Syaon fakes an accident while performing her new song to prompt Do-ha’s call. He contacts her and promises to send his new composition. Deuk-chan advises Syaon to confess her feelings for Do-ha and move on, but she fears rejection and ignores his advice.

Outside the hospital, fans, including Chi-hoon, protest Syaon’s tight schedule. Chi-hoon falls asleep and goes to a convenience store for coffee, shocked to see Syaon there. She shares her food with him, leaving him speechless.

The next day, Sol-hee’s mother sends her a fake photo of waiting for a food donation, but Sol-hee is skeptical. She vows not to help until her mother’s truthfulness is confirmed. Meanwhile, Deuk-chan’s brother confronts him about reduced pay, and Deuk-chan reveals he cut misappropriated funds from the company.

Deuk-chan’s brother takes his car keys, tracing his movements to the Yeonseo-dong neighborhood, in exchange for information on Syaon’s request. Sol-hee gains a new client suspicious of her fianc√©. When asked if she has a boyfriend, Sol-hee declines personal questions.

Later, Do-ha is interrupted while working on music by Sol-hee’s mother, who got the wrong apartment. An argument ensues, with Do-ha overhearing their disagreement. Hyang-sook manipulates Sol-hee over a childhood incident to get money. Sol-hee eventually gives in to keep her mother out of trouble.

In a flashback, Sol-hee helps one of her mother’s victims, leading to conflict and her mother’s resentment. That night, Sol-hee talks to Do-ha from their balconies, sharing their family issues and bonding.

The next day, they meet in the elevator, and Sol-hee’s discussion with her client about a blind date makes Do-ha misunderstand. She consults Cassandra about the client’s details. She also sees Gang-min but dismisses it, assuming he’s not in Seoul.

At night, Sol-hee confronts her client and realizes she was wrong about the man’s intentions. Her memories of her past with Gang-min resurface. They were deeply in love, but Sol-hee’s doubts about his honesty strained their relationship.

Sol-hee drinks at a bar where Do-ha plays the piano, and Ji-hoon confronts her, blaming her for his relationship issues. Do-ha intervenes, inadvertently revealing his face. He questions if he feels comfortable around her, and she acts playfully and teases him. As they bond, Do-ha learns about her perspective on life and trust.

Meanwhile, Syaon searches for Do-ha’s apartment and unknowingly attracts the paparazzi. Sol-hee notices Do-ha arriving at their apartment while the paparazzi approach. She distracts them by pretending Do-ha is her boyfriend, shielding him.

As the story unfolds, Do-ha and Sol-hee’s relationship deepens amid personal challenges and past experiences.

The Episode Recap

In a sense, Do-ha and Sol-hee share a common bond. They both navigate complex family dynamics and harbor undisclosed truths. Their struggles with trust have significantly shaped their lives.

Undoubtedly, Sol-hee possesses an adeptness at distinguishing between benign and deceitful falsehoods. As evidenced by her act of covering the meal expenses for the struggling mother and daughter at the restaurant, her ability to identify genuine intentions stands out.

However, this trait has also taken its toll. Her relationship with Gang-min crumbled due to her perception of his dishonesty. While the nature of his deceit remains obscure, the series promises to unveil more as it progresses.

Equally, her connection with her mother has been strained. Unjustly, her mother places blame on her for the unfortunate events. Hyang-sook’s attitude comes across as unwarranted and toxic. Placing responsibility on her daughter for her own missteps appears unfair.

Lastly, Syaon proves to be a vexing character. Thus far, her considerations have been self-centric, overlooking the potential repercussions. It’s imperative that she respects Do-ha’s need for privacy and refrains from subjecting him to additional scrutiny. Her actions are accountable for the paparazzi’s discovery of Do-ha this time.


As the story unfolds, Do-ha and Sol-hee’s relationship deepens amid personal challenges and past experiences. They learn to trust each other and support each other through thick and thin. In the end, they find love and happiness together, despite the obstacles in their way.


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