James H. Baker Biography: The Man Who Thinks Long Term for the Pentagon

About James H. Baker Director, Office of Net Assessment

James H. Baker
Director of Office of Net Assessment (ONA)
– Providing deep, future-oriented strategies
– Enhancing U.S. military-economic-political standing
– Offering independent comparative assessments
– Advising Secretary of Defense and senior leaders
Previous Roles
– Strategist and advisor to two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
– Four graduate degrees
– Two in engineering disciplines
– Two in security studies from military institutions


Mr. Jim Baker currently holds the position of Director at the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), which operates within the Department of Defense. This office plays a crucial role in offering in-depth, forward-looking insights into strategies and possibilities that can enhance the United States’ position in the realms of military, economics, and politics.

As the ONA Director, Mr. Baker’s primary responsibility is to furnish the Secretary of Defense and other high-ranking officials with impartial and comparative evaluations concerning the future potential of U.S. military capabilities in comparison to other entities. Additionally, he analyzes the political, economic, and geographical consequences associated with these evaluations.

Prior to his role as Director, Mr. Baker gained experience as a strategist and advisor to two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His educational background includes the attainment of four advanced degrees, two of which are in engineering disciplines, and the remaining two are in security studies, all from military institutions.


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