Is Nightwing Dead in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5: Who Killed Nightwing?

The fourth season of Harley Quinn has been full of surprises, and the latest episode is no exception. In “The Trial of Harley Quinn,” Nightwing is killed, and the episode ends with Harley and Barbara discussing his death. This shocking twist has left fans wondering who could be responsible for Nightwing’s murder.

Overview of the Episode

In the cold setting of North America, the scene begins with Commissioner Gordon and his spouse, laying the foundation for both humor and tension.

The narrative takes a somber twist as Harley Quinn grapples with her personal problems, including a failed eye surgery, Ivy’s increasing influence, and Barbara’s unresolved vanishing.

The attention then shifts to Gordon’s effort to connect with Ivy’s protégés and her busy agenda as the CEO of the Legion of Doom. Nevertheless, amidst all the chaos, Gotham is cast into shadow by the tragic announcement of Nightwing’s demise.

Is Nightwing Dead in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens with Gordon and his wife in a snowy area of North America, preparing to engage in a romantic evening by the fireplace in a cabin.

Gordon expresses happiness but abruptly leaves when Nora contacts him, inquiring whether he will provide security at the Legion of Doom. In Gotham, Harley realizes that Nightwing and Damian don’t seem entirely friendly towards her.

She also discovers her poor night vision during a scuffle with minor criminals. After undergoing eye surgery, she struggles to find someone to give her a ride. Ivy occupied as the CEO of the Legion of Doom, remains busy, Barbara is nowhere to be found, and the other members of the Bat family show little concern for Harley.

Eventually, Alysia, Barbara’s transgender roommate, arrives. She reveals Barbara’s recent absence, noting that it’s somewhat common. However, Nightwing reminds Harley that Barbara was with them during that period.

At the Legion of Doom headquarters, Lex arrives with his public relations team and presents them to Ivy, despite her hesitance.

Lex’s appearance has also changed, with unruly hair atop his head. Upon returning to Gotham, Gordon is introduced to Ivy’s three protégées: Terra, Volcana, and Tefe. However, they struggle to capture Ivy’s attention due to her busy schedule.

Nora introduces Gordon to the office and gives him a tour. She then shows him a cloning device and a black hole generator that was unexpectedly left in the office kitchen.

This scene holds significance for the future storyline. Gordon accidentally mistakes the cloning device, resembling a microwave, and places a potato inside. The potato bears distinctive hair that resembles Harley’s. This occurrence is set to have an important role as the season unfolds.

Accompanied by Alysia and two hyenas, Harley journeys to the mountains in her quest to find Barbara. Her inner conflict between her desire to do good and her inherent violent tendencies causes an accident.

Arriving at the mountains, she violently attacks Captain Cold and his comrades, thinking they’re responsible for Barbara’s abduction. However, Barbara, herself appears and discloses that she came to the mountains to be with her mother after Gordon left her.

In Gotham, Gordon starts experiencing increasing loneliness. His attempts to form a friendly connection with Ivy’s mentees don’t come to fruition. It’s revealed that Gordon now resides in the Legion of Doom headquarters.

Is Nightwing Dead in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5

Who is Responsible for Nightwing’s Death? : the Enigmatic Case Gets Resolved

The number of potential suspects in Nightwing’s murder is increasing as the threat from the Bat family’s foes becomes more serious. The once-mighty hero had noticeably weakened, seeking unexpected guidance from individuals like Harley Quinn for combat advice.

This vulnerability rendered Nightwing open to the dangers lurking within Gotham’s criminal underworld. Multiple adversaries could be at fault, but the Joker appears to be the most probable one due to his history of violence. However, the intricacy of Nightwing’s murder raises the potential for a more calculated approach.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5 Ending: Is Nightwing Dead?

In the fourth season of ‘Harley Quinn,’ Nightwing meets his demise. In the final moments of the episode, Barbara and Harley have a conversation about insecurities. During their talk, Nightwing’s lifeless body becomes visible in a tree. Initially, Harley hopes he’s alive, but the body falls into a fire, confirming Nightwing’s unfortunate demise.

Within the Bat family’s extensive list of adversaries, any one of them could be responsible for Nightwing’s death. He’s been intentionally depicted as less powerful to emphasize his need for combat guidance from Harley.

This makes any member of Batman’s rogues’ gallery a potential suspect, although the circumstances suggest that only a select few top villains are plausible candidates.

The most evident choice is the Joker, especially given his recent resurgence in violence. However, the subtlety surrounding Nightwing’s murder contrasts with the Joker’s usual approach, which is anything but subtle.

While Harley could theoretically be considered a suspect, she was preoccupied with aiding Barbara throughout the timeframe in question. In the preceding episode, she was shown in a trance-like state while disposing of Nightwing’s air fryer. It’s plausible that a similar state influenced her actions when Nightwing met his end.

Is Nightwing Dead in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5

The Plot Takes an Astonishing Twist

With its gripping storyline and unexpected developments, the fourth season of “Harley Quinn” has succeeded in capturing the audience’s interest.

The shocking demise of Nightwing in Episode 5 sends ripples through Gotham and leaves viewers questioning the events.

As the narrative unfolds, spectators remain at the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the revelation of the true mastermind behind this tragic act.

“Harley Quinn” serves as a timely reminder that malevolence can lurk in the most improbable corners, even within the superhero domain, thanks to its distinctive mix of action, tension, and character growth.


The fourth season of Harley Quinn has been a wild ride so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. With Nightwing’s death, the stakes have been raised even higher, and fans are eager to see who will be next.

The show has always been known for its humor and action, but this season has also added a new level of suspense. It will be interesting to see how the show unfolds in the coming episodes, and who will ultimately be responsible for Nightwing’s death.


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