Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, The Prom, the Fight, and the Forgiveness

Heartstopper Season 2, Episode 8 starts with Nick waking up on Prom day, ready for a significant step in his life. He decides to share his love for Charlie with the world and comes out on Instagram by posting an adorable picture of them cuddling in bed. The two look so in love, and Nick is filled with both excitement and nervousness about the reaction he’ll receive.

After sharing the post, Nick rushes to Charlie’s house, where he is greeted with warm hugs and kisses. Charlie is overjoyed that they can now openly date in public without any reservations. They spend time together in Charlie’s room, reading the comments and discussing their plans for prom. While Charlie remains optimistic and hopeful about the future, Nick seems to have some concerns in his mind.

Meanwhile, Tao and Elle are together at Elle’s place when they come across Nick’s Instagram post. They are genuinely happy for Nick and Charlie, celebrating their love. While spending time together, Tao notices a pamphlet for Lambert Art School classes, which sparks Elle’s interest. Realizing her passion for art, Tao takes the opportunity to ask Elle to be his girlfriend, to which she gladly agrees. They mark the beginning of their relationship with affectionate kisses, sealing their newfound love.

At the same time, Tara is facing challenges in organizing the prom. Darcy is nowhere to be found, leaving her in a difficult situation. Tara reaches out to her friends, the gang, for help and support. Understanding the importance of prom for Tara and the entire school community, the gang readily comes together to assist her in ensuring that the prom becomes a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

What Happens During the Prom Preparations?

After the gang arrives, everything goes smoothly as they collaborate to set up for the event. However, some curious individuals persistently inquire about Nick and Charlie’s relationship, wondering if they are truly dating. Many find it hard to believe that Nick is gay based on the post they saw.

Tao and Elle enjoy themselves while painting decorations for the prom, and Nick and Charlie focus on arranging the balloons. Nick becomes concerned that Charlie may not have eaten, so he suggests having an early lunch. Charlie declines, explaining that he had a heavy breakfast late, and Nick respects his decision.

Later, Nick opens up to Tao, expressing his worry that Charlie might still be experiencing pain from the events of the previous year. Tao agrees, acknowledging that Charlie tends to keep his feelings about the bullying to himself. Tao draws a parallel with his own experience of how his father’s death impacted him, wondering if Charlie’s trauma might be manifesting in a similar manner.

Meanwhile, Tara tries to get in touch with Darcy by leaving her numerous messages and attempting to call her, but she is unable to reach her.

Coach Sigh plays the role of a matchmaker and suggests that Mr. Ajayi invite Mr. Farouk, pretending to need more chaperones for the event.

What Happens at Prom?

The group gathers at the entrance and wonders about Darcy’s whereabouts. Tara fibs, saying that Darcy is running late, and encourages her friends to kick off the party without her. The prom turns out to be a massive success, with everyone taking photos and dancing. Tao and Elle impress everyone with their exceptional dancing skills, earning them the titles of dancing queen and king.

Isaac stumbles upon a book at the school library that delves into Asexualism, and he decides to give it a read.

Tara grows increasingly anxious as Darcy remains absent from the prom, and Nick comforts her. She confides in Nick, revealing that she knows Darcy is facing some issues but is clueless about how to support her. Darcy has been evasive about discussing the problem. Nick advises Tara to persist in trying to connect with Darcy until she opens up. In the end, Tara decides to head to Darcy’s home to look for her.

Meanwhile, Charlie asks Nick to take him home since he’s fed up with all the attention he’s receiving at the prom. He feels that the focus on coming out has overshadowed what truly matters. Nick happily agrees, especially since David and his mom are not at home. They extend an invitation to the whole gang to continue the party at Charlie’s place.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Farouk shows up at the party, and Mr. Ajayi is pleased to see him. He takes the opportunity to ask Mr. Farouk out on a date.

Does Tara find Darcy?

Tara went to Darcy’s house and met her mom, who claimed not to know Darcy’s whereabouts. According to her, they had a fight over an outfit, and Darcy had one of her emotional outbursts before leaving. Tara felt that Darcy’s mom was being homophobic, which made her uncomfortable, so she decided to leave.

Shortly after, Tara received a call from Nick informing her that Darcy had shown up at the prom and that everyone was at his place. He kindly invited her to join them.

Later, it was revealed that Darcy had spent the night at a park, feeling too ashamed to call Tara for help. She didn’t want to appear weak or vulnerable in front of Tara. However, Tara reassured her that such things wouldn’t make her love Darcy any less. They both confessed their love for each other, and all the issues between them were resolved.

What Happens at Prom?

The group gathers at the entrance, concerned about Darcy’s absence. Tara fibs, claiming that Darcy is running late, and suggests they start the party without her. The prom turns out to be a massive success with everyone taking photos and dancing. Tao and Elle shine as the ultimate dancing queen and king.

Isaac stumbles upon a book about Asexualism in the school library and decides to give it a read.

Tara becomes anxious as Darcy still hasn’t shown up for the prom. Nick comforts her and she confides in him about her worries. Tara knows that Darcy has a problem but is unsure of how to help her, as Darcy refuses to discuss it. Nick advises her to persistently try to reach out to Darcy until she opens up. Eventually, Tara makes up her mind to go look for Darcy at her home.

Meanwhile, Charlie approaches Nick, asking him to take him home because he’s overwhelmed by all the attention he’s receiving at the prom. Charlie feels that the focus on his coming out overshadowed what truly matters. Nick gladly agrees to take him home, and they invite the rest of the gang to continue the party at Nick’s house, as David and his mom are not there.

Surprisingly, Mr. Farouk makes an appearance at the party, which delights Mr. Ajayi. Mr. Ajayi takes the opportunity to ask Mr. Farouk on a date.

How Does Heartstopper Season 2 End?

Nick bids Charlie farewell, planting a gentle goodnight kiss on his cheek before watching him leave and closing the door. Charlie appears a bit concerned initially, but as he takes a few steps away, his demeanor changes to one of happiness and reassurance, likely influenced by Nick’s comforting words. Finding solace in their recent conversation, Charlie takes out his phone and navigates to their chat. He begins typing the heartfelt words, ‘I love you,’ yet hesitates to press the send button.

The Episode Review

The conclusion left us feeling anxious about Charlie’s hesitance in sending the messages. It seems like Nick is genuinely concerned about Charlie and is eager to assist him, although he’s uncertain how to do so. Nevertheless, Nick is being supportive, which is crucial. Their strong communication will surely help them navigate through any challenges they face.

The scene where Nick attentively listens to Charlie sharing about self-harm, embraces him, and kisses him on the forehead was truly heartwarming. It highlights Nick’s profound love for Charlie and the safe space he has created for him to confide in. Tara’s non-judgmental listening to Darcy also had a profound impact.

Tao’s character growth was evident when Elle revealed her desire to attend Lambert Art School. He handled the situation calmly, supporting her without panicking. It appears he realized that he won’t lose her and that everything will be alright.

Looking forward to the next season, we hope to delve deeper into Isaac’s story, as we’ve only scratched the surface of his character in this season.


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