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Emma Magnolia Biography: A well-known model, social media influencer, and TikTok celebrity is Emma Magnolia. On the video-sharing app TikTok, where she has amassed a sizable fan following with more than 419.8K followers and 3 million likes, she has become well-known for her hilarious material.

Besides her social media presence, Emma Magnolia has expanded into other areas. She is a model who has collaborated with numerous well-known figures, companies, and influencers to increase her effect and influence.

Emma Magnolia Biography

Emma Magnolia is a well-known model, social media personality, and TikTok star. She has become well known for her entertaining material on the video-sharing app TikTok, where she has garnered a sizeable fan base with more than 419.8K followers and 3 million likes.

Emma Magnolia has 434K followers and has published 102 posts on Instagram, where she is also active. She has made a name for herself as an influencer and Instagram model and is renowned for her alluring demeanor.

Emma Magnolia has branched out into other areas in addition to her social media presence. She is a model who has worked with many famous people, brands, and influencers to broaden her influence and impact. These partnerships produced particular initiatives like clothing lines, gatherings, and collaborative content that improved her public image.

Emma Magnolia biography

Age, Birthday & Education

Emma Magnolia, a well-known model, and TikTok celebrity, was born in the United States on April 10, 1992, making her 31 years old as of 2023. She rose to fame thanks to the interesting content she created for TikTok, where she has a large fan base.

Emma Magnolia began her career as a kindergarten teacher before switching to the entertainment sector, yet details regarding her schooling are not readily available in the offered search results.

Since then, she has developed into a well-known social media presence, model, and actor, becoming well-known for her work in the adult entertainment sector. Emma Magnolia has worked with a variety of brands, celebrities, and influencers.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Emma has been highlighted in Forbes and is well-known for her dedication to providing aid to those in need and fostering supportive social networks. She is 58 kilograms (128 lbs) or around 5 feet 3 inches (163 cm) tall and weighs. Her claimed body measurements are 35-28-37 inches. Emma has captivating blue eyes and reddish-brown hair.

Emma Magnolia Boyfriend

Various rumors exist about Emma Magnolia’s romances and dating life. She is now single, and according to one source, it might be difficult for her to find a companion given her line of work. There is no precise information regarding Emma Magnolia’s boyfriend or current relationships, according to the search results that are currently accessible.

She is reportedly single and has never been married, according to some sources. It should be noted that Emma Magnolia may find it difficult to pursue and sustain a love relationship due to her career as a social media presence, actor, and model.

Parents, Family & Siblings

Both of Emma Magnolia’s parents are educators, and she was born in the United States. Unfortunately, the search results do not provide any precise information regarding the names or jobs of her parents.

Additionally, nothing is said regarding Emma Magnolia’s siblings or whether or not they exist. Overall, not much is known about Emma Magnolia’s parents and siblings, and more information is not easily available in the search results that are returned.


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Modeling Career

Emma Magnolia has worked across a number of platforms and sectors to develop a modeling career. She’s become well-known for her work as a model, an actress, and a social media influencer. Emma’s modeling career has flourished significantly, and she is now well-known for her wide range of performances and material.

It’s significant to note that Emma Magnolia’s modeling career has featured a variety of acts and content, such as cosplay, acting, and dancing. She has used several personas and stylings to demonstrate her variety and ingenuity.

As a TikTok Star

Emma Magnolia began her social media career in 2020 and became well-known for her TikTok content. She posts popular lip-sync, dances, lip-modeling, acting, and cosplay performances on her TikTok account, where she has over 390,000 followers. Emma has established herself as a TikTok influencer, demonstrating her modeling abilities and enthralling her following.

Emma Magnolia boosted her audience beyond TikTok by appearing on the website OnlyFans. She developed her modeling career and became known as an influencer and businesswoman thanks to OnlyFans. As she welcomed many chances and collaborations with other influencers, celebrities, and companies, her modeling career took off. These partnerships have given rise to specific projects, including clothing lines, occasions, and co-created material.

Net Worth

The range of Emma Magnolia’s estimated US net worth is $2 million to $5 million. Her net worth, according to another estimate, is between $1 and $2 million. Additionally, her estimated US net worth is $500,000 USD.

Paid subscriptions on the website OnlyFans are the main source of income for Emma Magnolia. She is regarded as one of the most popular users on OnlyFans and receives a sizable monthly salary from the service.

Although Emma Magnolia’s income sources outside of OnlyFans are not specifically stated in the search results, it may be assumed that she has increased her popularity and reach through partnerships with other influencers, famous people, and brands.


Emma Magnolia is a gifted and accomplished model who has amassed a sizable online following. She is renowned for her alluring appearance, her engaging writing, and her dedication to helping people in need. Many people find inspiration in Emma Magnolia, and she will undoubtedly remain a successful model and influencer for many years to come.


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