Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 10: The season finale of Cruel Summer Season 2 aired on July 31, 2023, and it was a wild ride from start to finish. The episode, titled “Endgame,” finally revealed who killed Luke Chambers, and it was a shocking twist that no one saw coming.


Cruel Summer Season 2, Episode 10 continues from where we left off, with Luke waiting at the dock. There, he encounters Brent, who accompanies him back home. In the morning, Steve wakes up to find Brent wet and wonders what he was doing.

Brent confesses something to Steve, which prompts Steve to rush to the dock in search of Luke. The episode then flashes back to the night of Luke’s death, where Isabella and Megan discuss their actions concerning Luke. Megan accuses Isabella of firing a gun and says she will return to the cabin the next morning at 8 am.

Upon reaching the cabin, the girls discover it empty and start searching for Luke in the wilderness. Megan checks with local hospitals, while Isabella believes Luke might have run away, as he had planned before. Tensions rise between the two girls, with Isabella suggesting that Luke was the problem in their trio, and Megan feeling more betrayed by her friend than by her ex-boyfriend.

Two days after Luke’s death, Steve assures Brent that he will ensure Luke’s safety and promises to bring him back. Steve talks to Megan about Luke’s disappearance, and she is shocked to learn that Steve has involved the police.

Megan is frightened when she confides in Isabella about Luke’s disappearance and Steve’s plans. Isabella suggests they align their stories and asks Megan to write a fake letter in Luke’s handwriting to create a cover-up. Isabella also trains Megan to act normally to avoid suspicion regarding Luke’s fate.

Megan puts up missing posters for Luke, and Jeff approaches her, offering to create a local news video to aid in the search for Luke. The situation overwhelms Megan, leading to a confrontation with Isabella. The two girls have a serious falling out and blame each other for the events that have unfolded.

Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 10

What Does Steve Do Help Brent?

In the present day, Steve encounters Sheriff Meyer and expresses his desire to join Isabella and Megan’s investigation to ensure their honesty. Meanwhile, Brent visits Megan and they discuss Sheriff Meyer’s discoveries concerning Luke’s death. Megan believes that the Sheriff suspects her and Isabella of killing Luke, but Brent finds this theory absurd.

Later, Megan meets up with Isabella, and the two discuss how blaming each other was a clever move to avoid being framed for Luke’s murder. Isabella plans to demand her passport back and relocate to another country before Sheriff Meyer can review the security footage from Ned’s house.

Megan argues that the footage might actually reveal the face of Luke’s real killer, allowing them to apprehend the murderer instead of merely evading blame. She hacks into the police database to access the footage from the night of Luke’s murder and is shocked to find Steve’s car following Luke to the cabin.

The girls confront Steve at his office, accusing him of either killing Luke or concealing crucial information. Steve remains tight-lipped, and they warn him of exposing the truth about Luke’s death if they uncover more evidence. On their way back, Megan criticizes Isabella for being a bad friend.

Meanwhile, Brent panics upon receiving Megan and Isabella’s request involving the Chambers Family. The next day, Megan hears on the radio that new evidence has been discovered regarding Luke’s death, and the police are about to make a new arrest. She checks on Isabella, only to find that Isabella has already left town after checking out of her hotel.

In a fit of fury, Megan drives away and is stopped by Sheriff Meyer, who takes her to the sheriff’s station for questioning. During the interrogation, Meyer plays a tape of Megan and Isabella from the night of Luke’s kidnapping, where they had trapped Luke and Isabella had shot him. Sheriff Meyer officially arrests Megan as the person responsible for Luke’s death.

Who killed Luke Chambers?

Brent learns from Steve that Megan has been accused of murdering Luke. He feels compelled to help her because he was responsible for his brother’s death. The father and son engage in an argument about what the right course of action should be.

After being granted five minutes inside the interrogation room, Brent enters and talks to Megan about the night of Luke’s death. He reveals that the two brothers had a heated argument outside, during which he accidentally tripped and caused Luke to fall into the water.

In a flashback, it is shown that Luke and Brent were arguing about their lives and their mother’s passing when Brent impulsively pushes Luke into the water. Despite Brent’s attempts to search for him, Luke tragically drowns. Learning the truth in the present day, Megan is shocked, and Sheriff Meyer overhears Brent’s confession from outside the interrogation room.

Brent surrenders himself and is apprehended by the police, while Steve faces arrest for attempting to conceal his teenage son’s murder. Subsequently, Megan receives a job offer text message while she is at her residence. Meanwhile, Isabella is aboard a flight to Ibiza, where she strikes up a conversation with a new acquaintance, introducing herself as Lisa and extending a friendly gesture.

How Does Cruel Summer Season 2 End?

The episode concludes with Megan returning to the dock where she bid farewell to Luke previously. However, this time, she notices a CCTV camera pointed directly at the dock. In a critical moment, a flashback reveals Megan watching a clip showing Isabella murdering Luke after he drowned and floated toward the shore.

Moving on to the Episode Review,

There are several aspects of the show’s exposition that I wish were handled differently. The revelation that Brent was the one who pushed Luke off the dock wasn’t as shocking as it could have been. However, the final moments of this episode attempted to recreate the kind of plot twist that viewers loved in the previous season.

The ending truly changes the game, as it appears that Isabella is grappling with personal issues. This leads me to doubt everything she had previously claimed about her life. Her decision to visit Ibiza and revert to her old ways by befriending another girl on her flight adds a mysterious element to her character.

The tension escalates as Megan unravels the truth about Isabella being the one responsible for Luke’s death. If there’s another season, I wonder if Brent will be set free, considering that it was Isabella who truly killed Luke. Now that we know Brent merely pushed Luke, there’s a sense that he still deserves some form of punishment, just like Isabella.


The episode ended with Megan discovering that Isabella was the one who killed Luke, and she was arrested for her crime. Brent also confessed to pushing Luke into the water, but he was not charged with murder. The episode ended with Isabella boarding a flight to Ibiza, where she seemed to be starting a new life.

Overall, the season finale of Cruel Summer was a satisfying conclusion to a suspenseful season. The reveal of Luke’s killer was shocking, and the episode left viewers with a lot to think about. I’m already looking forward to Season 3!

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