Cam Whitmore Net Worth: Top Prospect Cam Whitmore Falls to 20th Overall Pick

In recent news concerning the NBA, the Houston Rockets have made their picks in the 2023 NBA Draft. They selected Amen Thompson as the fourth overall pick and Cam Whitmore as the 20th overall pick for this year’s recruitment.

Born on July 8, 2023, Cam Whitmore is well-known as a consensus recruit in 2023 and is regarded as one of the top players in his class.

Right from the beginning, Cam Whitmore was projected by various sources to be a favorite five-star recruit expected to be chosen in the 2023 NBA Draft on June 23, 2023. Numerous news articles also indicated that Cam was highly sought after due to his exceptional physique, often described as having an ‘NBA-ready body’ by prominent scouts.

Cameron Whitmore
08th July 2004
18 Years Old
Severn, Maryland in the US
6 feet 5 inches
Weight 100 kg
Professional Basketball Player
League NBA
Small Forward
Houston Rockets
Archbishop Spalding
Villanova University
2023 NBA Draft 1st Round, 20th Pick Overall
Vertical Leap
40.5 (maximum)
Net Worth
200k-500k USD

Cam Whitmore’s Net Worth in 2023

At 18 years old, Cam Whitmore was unanimously recognized as a five-star recruit and one of the highest-rated players in the class of 2022.

Leading recruiting scouts also identified him as one of the top prospects for the 2023 NBA Draft. Consequently, there were high expectations that he would be a first-round draft pick. However, it was observed that he fell to the 20th overall pick in the first round, chosen by the Houston Rockets.

While he had offers from Illinois and North Carolina, Cam Whitmore ultimately chose to play college basketball for Villanova University.

Yet, in the recent draft, he ended up being selected as the 20th overall pick by the NBA team, Houston Rockets. Several reasons have been suggested for his lower position in the 2023 NBA Draft, but the most significant factors are discussed below.

Cam Whitmore Slips to 20th Overall Pick

Several reasons have surfaced to explain Cam Whitmore’s drop in the 2023 NBA Draft to the 20th overall pick. One explanation, put forth by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, suggests that Whitmore’s performance during game workouts was lackluster.

Wojnarowski noted that Whitmore struggled to make a strong impression during interviews and had difficulty responding effectively to scouts’ questions.

Another factor contributing to Whitmore’s draft position was reportedly his less-than-perfect medical evaluation results.

Additionally, it was widely known that Cam had missed the first seven games of his lone season with the Villanova Wildcats due to a thumb injury, although reports indicate that he is set to receive treatment for the injury soon.

Cam Whitmore’s College Journey and NBA Draft

Another perspective aligns with the explanation provided by Adrian. An Eastern Conference Executive noted that at the Hoops Summit, Whitmore didn’t come across as someone who excelled in practice sessions.

However, his performance during the actual games was notably impressive, leading him to be regarded as one of the standout players. The executive anticipates a shift in this pattern at the NBA level.

The executive additionally mentioned that due to these factors, he had anticipated a decline in Whitmore’s draft position. Several reports have surfaced indicating that many observers noticed Whitmore’s ‘lack of feel’ for the game during the Draft Combine.

Another scout, engaged in discussions with Seth Davis of The Athletic, stated that Whitmore would need to enhance his decision-making skills to increase his chances of success in the NBA.

Cam Whitmore’s Profile

Cam Whitmore, previously widely predicted by scouts to be a guaranteed lottery pick, experienced a significant drop to the 20th position during the 2023 NBA Draft.

Renowned for his versatile physique, Whitmore excels as both a proficient cutter and an exceptional defender in his matches. Observers also point out that his athleticism is impactful on offense and defense, as he aggressively drives to the basket. Born Cameron Whitmore, basketball talent seemed to come naturally to him.

His birth date is July 8th, 2004, in Severn, Maryland, USA. He commenced his education in the same locality, attending Archbishop Spalding School in Maryland. After completing high school, he proceeded to secure admission to Villanova University, where he played college basketball as a member of the Villanova Wildcats Men’s Basketball Team.

cam whitmore net worth

Cam Whitmore: Earnings, Age, and Career Overview

During his time as a senior at Archbishop Spalding in Maryland, Cam Whitmore earned recognition as the Capital Gazette Boys Basketball Player of the Year. His remarkable athleticism also earned him a spot in the McDonald’s All-American Boys Game in 2022. Furthermore, he was selected to participate in the 2022 FIBA Under 18 Americas Championship, where he distinguished himself by being named the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

As the 2023 NBA Draft approached, many considered Whitmore the top pick. However, contrary to earlier mock drafts, he was surprised by not being chosen among the top 10 picks.

Initial projections had him slated as the 4th pick for the Rockets, but subsequent evaluations of his shot selection and shooting performance led to a drop in his draft position. Ultimately, Whitmore was selected as the 20th overall pick by the Houston Rockets.


Despite his fall in the draft, Cam Whitmore is still a talented player with a lot of potential. He is an athletic wing who can defend multiple positions and has a knack for getting to the rim. He will need to improve his shooting and decision-making, but he has the tools to be a successful player in the NBA.


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