Bryan Cranston Net Worth, Biography, Assets, Awards, and Achievements!

American actor, director, producer, and author Bryan Cranston has had a very successful career. He is known for his parts in the popular TV shows Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle. Cranston has won many awards for his work, including four Emmys, a Tony Award, and a Golden Globe. This article looks at Bryan Cranston’s early life, his net value, and how old he will be in 2022 and 2023.

Bryan Cranston BioTable

Name Bryan Lee Cranston
Birth date March 7, 1956
Birthplace Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, producer, director, screenwriter
Years active 1980–present
Awards Six Primetime Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, one Golden Globe Award, and others
Spouses Mickey Middleton (1977–1982), Robin Dearden (1989–present)
Children Taylor Dearden (daughter)
Parents Joseph Louis Cranston (father), Annalisa “Peggy” Sell (mother)
Books A Life in Parts (2016), How I Saved the World (2021)

Bryan Cranston Biography

He was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 1956. His mother was a radio actress named Audrey Peggy Sell, and his father was an actor and former amateur fighter named Joseph Louis Cranston. His father was Irish, German, and Austrian-Jewish, and his mother was the daughter of German immigrants.

He grew up in Canoga Park, which is in Los Angeles. He also lived on the chicken farm that his grandparents owned in Yucaipa. Cranston was 11 years old when his father left the family. They didn’t see each other again until Cranston was 22.

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He finished high school at Canoga Park in 1974 and then went to Los Angeles Valley College, where he got an associate degree in police science. He wanted to be a police officer at first, but after taking an acting class, he changed his mind. He got his start as an actor in local and regional theaters. In 1980, he went to New York City. His first appearance on TV was in an ad for Carnation Coffee-mate.

Bryan Cranston’s Net Worth

American actor, writer, and director Bryan Cranston has a $40 million net worth. Bryan Cranston made most of his money as an actor. He started out on stage and then had small parts in TV commercials. He worked his way up in show business by playing Dr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld,

Bryan cranston net worth

and then he became the star of the comedy Malcolm in the Middle. From there, he got the part of Walter White, also known as the murderous drug boss Heisenberg, on the AMC original series Breaking Bad. This soon became his most famous role.

Bryan Cranston Career

Some of the best things about his work are:

  • In the comedy Malcolm in the Middle, which ran from 2000 to 2006, he played Hal, the funny and loving father of four boys. For his work, he was nominated for three Emmy Awards.
  • In the play All the Way, which opened on Broadway in 2014, he played Lyndon B. Johnson. He won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play, and he later played the same character in a TV movie with the same name.
  • In 2015, he played Dalton Trumbo, a Hollywood screenwriter who was put on a blacklist. He was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor because of his performance.2
  • In the play Network, which opened on the West End in 2017 and moved to Broadway in 2018, he played Howard Beale, a news anchor who goes crazy on life. He got an Olivier Award for Best Actor34 and his second Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play.

Bryan Cranston Assets

In 2007, Bryan Cranston paid $2.5 million for a home on the beach in Ventura County. He then tore down the old house on the land and finished building it in 2012. The finished house was built to the most up-to-date environmental standards. It was Platinum LEED-certified as a green home and had solar panels, rainwater collection tanks, and many other eco-friendly features.

So, the Cranston house is considered a “net-zero home,” which means it makes at least as much energy as it uses. In an interview with Dwell magazine, Cranston said about the house, “We know we’ve done a good job if our guests ask, ‘This is a green home?'” You wouldn’t know it from looking at the house, though. Because of the green requirements, the cost of the improvements was 30% higher than it would have been otherwise.

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