Average Joe Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Most Shocking Twists You Never Saw Coming!

Average Joe Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The average person, Average Joe, doesn’t seem too concerned about my well-being, right?

I’m joking, but also kind of serious because the ending moments of Episode 10 in Season 1 of Average Joe were incredibly surprising. I would have been utterly shocked if I had any pearls to clutch.

In a time when many are afraid to take risks in concluding a season, this show defied that trend. The season wrapped up with multiple cliffhangers, leaving us with a sense of sadness as the credits rolled.

Throughout Season 1 of Average Joe, the tension had been building between Nicolai and Joe, and it finally reached a boiling point. Nicolai confronted Joe, the man responsible for his son’s death. Joe was captured, and Nicolai had his chance to take revenge, but the scene played out quite differently from my expectations.

Unexpectedly, there was a significant amount of conversation between the two men. They shared their personal struggles, even delving into Nicolai’s troubled childhood. Strangely, they found a level of understanding before refocusing on their current predicament.

The entire show revolved around Teddy’s betrayal of Nicolai, but many mysteries about Teddy remain. What we do know about him isn’t very positive. Teddy wasn’t the supportive parent who encouraged his son; instead, he took a distant approach, molding Joe into what he believed was necessary for the harsh world.

This parenting style left Joe feeling constantly inadequate as if he were always at fault for his father’s distance. In his adult years, Joe can recognize Teddy’s methods, but understanding them is a different matter. Joe may be better equipped to handle his challenges, but at what cost?

Nicolai was undoubtedly a remorseless psychopath, showing no regret for his actions. His pursuit of his son’s killer seemed driven more by a sense of being adrift due to his inability to control his son’s death. He never mourned Dimitri and even killed someone who did.

Nicolai’s intolerance for incompetence was evident, and he may have felt responsible for Dimitri’s death due to his decision to involve him in dangerous matters.

Average Joe Season 1 Episode 10 Review

Another surprise was Joe’s role in Nicolai’s demise. Joe killed Nicolai before anyone else could intervene. What were the others doing outside? Watching through the window while Joe fought for his life?

Arina finally saw through Nicolai’s manipulation, thanks to Jennifer’s insights. Arina was too intelligent and dangerous to remain under Nicolai’s control. The episode included classic moments from the show, particularly involving Leon and Arina, leaving me wishing we had seen more of them earlier.

The grand team-up against Nicolai was brief but necessary. It was fitting that all those Nicolai had wronged witnessed his undignified end in the lake.

With Nicolai’s early demise, I was left wondering about the implications. It seemed to resolve the overarching story of the season. But the show’s tendency for unexpected twists prevailed, as things took a disastrous turn.

Let’s consider Cathy and Leon, who reunited after Cathy’s quest for buried treasure. Cathy’s absence was notable and seemed to set the stage for a new storyline involving drugs. She dove into the drug trade, encountering Bobby, who exuded shadiness.

A confrontation with a cop took a dangerous turn, resulting in a gunshot. Leon’s actions were questionable when he prioritized killing Bobby over getting Cathy to safety.

Touch’s journey also took a turn. After confronting his guilt and speaking with Tess’s mother, he faced another intense moment involving a gun.

The lack of resolution added to the show’s unapologetic approach, aligning with its reputation for defying traditional drama conventions.

Angela’s departure from Joe was foreshadowed, given her growing dissatisfaction with their relationship. She felt their partnership was lacking, especially after Joe’s actions put Jennifer in danger.

Angela, a mother, and Jennifer traumatized by recent events, needed a break. Angela’s decision to leave Joe was understandable, given the circumstances and the changes in him.

Nicolai’s death might have concluded the main conflict, but the aftermath of trauma cannot be easily dismissed. Angela and Jennifer have the right to process their experiences and return on their terms and timeline.

In the end, Average Joe Season 1 defied expectations, delivering unexpected twists and complex character dynamics, leaving us eagerly awaiting Season 2 for more answers and revelations.


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