Angela Okorie Biography: The Nollywood Star Who Conquered the Industry

Angela Okorie Biography: Actress, model, and singer Angela Okorie is from Nigeria. On October 29, 1985, she was born in Cotonou, Benin Republic. She began her modeling career by doing commercials for Orange Drugs, where she appeared for about ten years. She made her acting debut in 2009.

Since then, Okorie has acted in several well-known movies, such as “Secret Code,” “Holy Serpent,” “Heart of a Widow,” and “Royal Vampire.” Currently, she is among the most popular actresses from the East of the country.

Angela Okorie Biography

Angela Okorie is a model, singer, and actor from Nigeria. On October 29, 1985, she was born, and in 2022, she will turn 37. She began her career as an Orange Drugs model, appearing in their advertisements for approximately ten years. In 2009, she made her acting debut. Okorie maintained a low profile, secured gigs, and rose to fame as an actor.

She has acted in a number of popular films, including “Secret Code,” “Holy Serpent,” “Heart of a Widow,” and “Royal Vampire.” At the moment, Okorie is one of the most well-known actresses from the East of the nation. Later, she started playing music. She started doing it along with her acting career. Her present attention is largely on advancing her musical career. Since she managed to flee from armed guys who opened fire on her automobile in 2019, she treats her birthdays as Thanksgiving festivities.

Angela Okorie Family

Angela Okorie rarely discusses her family in public. She solely discusses her son, with whom she is quite close. She was born in Cotonou, Benin Republic, where her family resided. Angela claimed that she makes an attempt to shield the media from her family.


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Angela Okorie avoids discussing her family in her conversations. She solely discusses her son, with whom she has a tight relationship. She was born in Cotonou, the capital of the Republic of Benin. Angela claimed that she works hard to keep the press away from her family.


Her father’s identity remains unknown online.


Her mother’s profile is blank on social media.


Of her parent’s five children, Angela Okorie is the third youngest. She doesn’t talk about her four siblings. Information concerning them has been kept secret by her.


Information regarding her brother(s) has not been made public by Angela Okorie.


Information regarding her sister(s) has not been made public by Angela Okorie.


Chamberlain Okorie is the son of Chukwuma Orizu and Angela Okorie’s first marriage. When they got divorced, she kept ownership of the body. She claimed that they jointly parent him. September 2022 marked Chamberlain’s eleventh birthday.

On social media, Okorie posted videos of two additional children. She regularly shares videos of her nieces and nephews on social media to congratulate them, thus it is unknown if they are her children.


Her social media accounts reveal that she travels frequently and spends a lot of time with her son Chamberlain. She also exhibits a liking of the posh life. Okorie has uploaded pictures of herself and her friends at different gatherings. She also enjoys looking well.

Reportedly, Angela Okorie leads a rumored lifestyle. Some people assert that she is a lesbian and that her first marriage ended as a result. We don’t do it in our culture, she said in response to the rumors. It is uncalled for and sinful. Why would a woman have a romantic relationship with a different woman?

Net Worth

Angela Okorie has not made public information about her assets or net worth available. She is renowned for making a living off of her acting, music, and entrepreneurial endeavors. She doesn’t reveal information regarding her net worth.


Actress, model, and singer Angela Okorie is a gifted and accomplished individual. She has accomplished a lot in her career and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. She is an inspiration to everyone she knows and a role model for many young women.


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